Our vision is to increase the computing skills of school students. With the assistance of university students and school teachers we want to develop a better understanding of programming and its application through the use of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

- To inspire students to learn and develop their programming skills
- To use the Raspberry Pi as a instrument to develop and run innovative projects
- To welcome people to the Pi Nest and help them develop their own skill sets

Provide a training platform to ensure the computer literacy of future generations
Actively develop projects using the Raspberry Pi
Open Monday - Friday, UBPiNest Hub meets to get people involved and raise interest & skills
Liaising with organisations and bodies to raise our profile and acquire the necessary funding for our projects

Take your first steps in programming and learn Python
Work around creative people
Excellent opportunity to boost your CV and stand out to employers
Be at the forefront of future technology
Be involved in the UBPiNest Hub


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