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We aim to run a number of projects which all our members are encouraged to get involved with. Particularly those which are environmentally friendly.

We are already developing a project to do with the saving water in industry and also using the Raspberry Pi to track a hand cycling event.

We're aiming to foster a creative and friendly environmental hub where you can become involved at your own level on any our projects straight away and learn from those around you.

We have a large number of Raspberry Pi systems already up and running. You can use our computing resources to familiarise yourself with the Pi and learn the basics of coding in Python.

The UBPiNest Hub has an open door policy, so if we're around don't hesitate to visit!

At the UBPiNest Hub you'll be invited to come and see what we do, express your opinions, ideas and get involved. You will be able to take advantage of our Teacher/student Linked Pi setup where you can gain experience from the other Pi Hub members.